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Demons Never Die

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Demons Never Die, a debutant effort from director Arjun Rose pitched straight to the mid/late-teen Halloween, starts in dubious taste as it focuses on a group of college students united by their secret online suicide pact. For reasons presumably totally uninformed by the realities of the issue, they collectively decide that life is actually worth living and abandon their exit strategy – only for an unknown masked knifeman to start proceedings without their permission.

Plundering shamelessly from the Scream series, Demons Never Die fails to evoke anywhere near the same standard of satire and shocks of its biggest influence. While the cast is big on Brit youth glamour – including minor roles for X-Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos and Reggie ‘Rastamouse’ Yates – Robert Sheehan and Jennie Jacques are conspicuous as the only really credible performances from the main ensemble cast; one of these “kids”, for example, even has tufts of grey hair.

By the time the film’s one truly nervy scene (at which the Scream influence is jettisoned for that second cliché of teen horror, the found footage genre) is delivered, any hopes of any real quality emerging are long done and quickly finally extinguished by a twist that could be predicted by anyone with even a passing interest in horror. Demons Never Die? More like a Hollyoaks Halloween special.

Written by Ben Hopkins

October 28, 2011 at 10:38 am


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