Short DVD reviews


If the phrase “screenplay by Sylvester Stallone” provokes dread, a cast featuring the Stath, James Franco and Winona Ryder (all of whom are upstaged by Kate Bosworth) should lift your spirits. Statham plays a father looking to make a new life for his daughter in small-town Louisiana when he attracts the ire of the local meth crew. Effectively Straw Dogs filtered through an Eighties action thriller, Homefront bypasses your cerebral cortex but doesn’t really quicken your pulse either.

Drinking Buddies

Romance is fermenting for Kate (Olivia Wilde) and Luke (Jake Johnson) at the Revolution Brewing plant: the major complications for the two co-workers being that they’re both already in relationships. It’s a film that mumbles and meanders with little direction, but that suits the dryly amusing, observational style. Best of all it feels real – or at least, it does if you can believe that the super-photogenic leads spend all day guzzling beer.


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