Music biogs

Ash, ‘The Best of Ash’ biog, October 2011.
“I got really freaked out by some of the fame of 1977 because we were on the cover of Kerrang, NME and Smash Hits all around the same time. It was a very broad appeal. Some of the Smash Hits pin-up type stuff freaked me out because where we were coming from was being massive Nirvana fans. That’s the kind of world we wanted to be in.”

Biffy Clyro, ‘Opposites’ biog, January 2013.
“I’m truly grateful that I’ve got people in my life who are so sensitive, so close and who care about me. They could’ve just as easily kicked me out of the band.”

Biffy Clyro, ‘Ellipsis’ biog, June 2016.
“The only way to follow a double-album is to entirely revolt against it.”

Creeper, introductory biog, June 2015.
“We’ve got a really nice balance from out of nowhere,” says Will Gould, vocalist of Southampton goth-punks Creeper. “We’ve got all of the weirdos and freaks in one place.”

Death Team, introductory biog, December 2014.
The most striking example is ‘Bitches in the Hood’, an expletive-laden caricature of hip-hop braggadocio in which Mayka’s sugary rhymes brim with vitriolic words. It’s also probably the only rap track which explodes into a climactic piano solo that was inspired by Jerry Lee Lewis.

Enya, ‘Dark Sky Island’ biog, September 2015.
For this triumvirate of partners and friends, the journey marches on unabated. With ‘Dark Sky Island’ and beyond, who knows what further expeditions lay unpredicted just over the horizon?

Formation, introductory biog, June 2016.
A moment of inspiration can change anything. When twin brothers Will and Matt Ritson started a new project in May 2013, their first jam session yielded the almost immediately fully-formed track Hangin. A little over two years later, its raucous mix of anthemic disco-punk, insistent percussion and pulsating bass became Formation’s third release in the duo’s still-evolving journey.

Gary Clark Jr. UK biog for ‘The Story of Sonny Boy Slim’, July 2015.
Gary Clark Jr. first became enamoured with the guitar at the age of nine when he witnessed Tito Jackson of The Jackson 5 shape-shifting his distinctive riffs via a wah-wah and a fuzz pedal. Twenty years on, it was Clark who was inspiring fans the world over with his six-string prowess after the release of his Warner Bros. Records debut Blak and Blu. Suddenly his list of fans and collaborators read like a who’s who of music: The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Alicia Keys, Dave Grohl, Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran, B.B, King and Buddy Guy.

Greywind, introductory biog, March 2016.
The Greywind story is a potent reminder that a whole new world of possibilities could be waiting just a few clicks away. Rewind a few years and an aspiring band had one option: to hit the road and get their talents in front of as many potential fans as humanly possible. By contrast, Greywind’s rise to prominence started before they’d even played a single gig.

Lianne La Havas, ‘Blood’ biog, June 2015.
After touring for the album came to a close, it was time to reacquaint herself with family and old friends as Lianne returned to what she calls a “real life.” Having grown-up in England with a Jamaican and Greek heritage, a trip with her mother to the Caribbean island sounded like an ideal chance to recharge. Little did she know that the seeds were being sown for her second record.

Peter Andre, ‘Come Fly With Me’ biog, October 2015.
“As you get older your tastes start to change – you have a family, and you have a glass of wine with your dinner rather than ten beers,” laughs Peter with the kind of bonhomie that’s helped him to command a parallel profession as a successful television personality. “I really enjoyed pop when I was doing it, but as soon as I hit forty I said, that’s it, I’m not getting on stage without a suit and tie anymore!”

Rat Boy, introductory biog, May 2015.
Rat Boy’s homegrown raps paint a lyrical dissertation of suburban Britain. It’s a place in which stepping onto public transport is akin to entering a battlefield:  a land of wannabe gangsters, muggings and sportswear casualties.

Royal Blood, introductory biog, January 2014.
Mike Kerr howls venomous lines such as “I’ve got a gun for a mouth and a bullet with your name on it” as his bass elicits a roar that a blind test would predict is the result of multiple musicians.

The Manor, introductory biog, August 2016.
“Me and Danny did economics during the banking crisis,” explains Johnny with a mixture of bewilderment, anger and hilarity in his voice, “so everything we learned got proven to be bollocks anyway.”

The Wombats, ‘Glitterbug’ biog, March 2015.
Los Angeles: a city of contrasts. On one hand, a metropolis of aspirations, a place which offers the transient a tantalising glimpse of glamour and permanence. On the other, many dreams drift away, deserted within an urban personification of unfulfilled ambitions.


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