Kickin’ For Krak’: Witnessing the Polish III Liga Title Decider

Picture the scene: four thirty-something Englishman are on a Saturday morning train heading from Kielce, where we’d witnessed a dire 0–0 draw between England and Sweden in the European Under-21 championship, to Kraków, where the afternoon’s modest goal is to see if Garbarnia Kraków can claim the III Liga (fourth tier) Group IV title.

Sharing our charmingly dated train carriage is a man with the fierce expression of a younger Vladimir Putin. He interjects our chatter with questions concerning the members of England’s 1990 World Cup squad, but looks sufficiently crestfallen when he learns of Gazza’s fate that we decide to end the tale before we reach the Raoul Moat incident. This doesn’t discourage his interest in us.

“Tony Adams,” states the Polish Putin with solemn dignity, “is dead.”

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